Dear Students and Parents,

We are happy to announce that our learning center will be open for on-site classes. In order to ensure a clean and safe learning environment for everyone, the following changes will be observed upon your next visit:

All students, parents, teacher and staff:

  • Must wear a mask when entering the learning center
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the learning center (provided on site)
  • Will have their temperature taken before entering the learning center (Any person showing signs of coughs, runny nose, and fever/high body temperature will be sent home)

All classrooms:

  • Will be equipped with Lysol wipes and hand sanitizers
  • Will be wiped down at the end of each class (all table tops, seats, and other high-touch surfaces)
  • Will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day
  • Maximum class size will be reduced to 4 students (Group classes)


  • Must bring their own pencil case with at least 4 sharpened pencils, 2 erasers, and a ruler. Our center will no longer be providing shared stationery in the classroom
  • Must bring their own water in a bottle


  • Office space will be off-limits to parents and visitors unless otherwise invited. Office entry limited to staff, tutors and assistants
  • Chairs in the waiting area will be reduced by half
  • Parents of students in Grade 2 or below are encouraged to wait in the waiting area until student is finished class
  • Parents of students in Grade 3 or above are encouraged to wait in their cars, when possible, and return at the end of class for student pick up

On-line classes will still be offered to students who do not feel comfortable returning for on-site classes.

For more information, please contact our office at (416) 609-9508. We look forward to seeing all of our students again!

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